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Dine in Gettysburg's Oldest, Most
Historic House.  Built in 1776.
Gettysburg, PA

Beautiful accommodations ideally  situated to overlook the spot where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address and within walking distance of the National Park Service Visitors Center and most major attractions.

Stay at your own 12 acre farm with 11 room historically decorated  1858 farmhouse. Located on the east slope of Little Round Top made famous in the movie "Gettysburg."

150th Battle of Gettysburg Anniversary
Honoring the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.  Special commemorative
items that you can purchase!

Yes, there was a Gettysburg before the 1863 Battle More
Adam's County has a rich history that begins more than four score and seven years before the Battle of Gettysburg.

Gettysburg's Unknown Battlefield More
Long known by local citizens, this battlefield is now becoming discovered by visitors.



Freedom Transit More
Provides public transportation on three fixed routes which serve the Gettysburg area.  Gettysburg Expedition Guide
This award-winning guide to the Battle of Gettysburg includes a self-guided battlefield audio tour (tape or CD), a 56-page guidebook, and a computer CDROM. Learn why The Gettysburg Discussion Group called the Gettysburg Expedition Guide. "The complete package for a traveler to Gettysburg." Experience the history of Gettysburg through computer animation, audio narration, detailed battle maps, and much more.Gettysburg Expedition Guide

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This site is dedicated to the spirit of all the soldiers who fought here as a tribute to loyalty.